The catch came just three days before the end of the season

Originally Published by CBC News, October 18, 2016

By Jordan Gill, CBC News

Talk about waiting until the last minute. Two fly fishermen caught a 35-pound salmon in the Southwest Miramichi River near Blissfield three days before the season was to end.

While Bob Matthews hooked the fish, and his friend Tim Webb reeled it in, it was fishing guide Winston Gilks who was able to finally net the giant fish.

Gilks has been around the Miramichi River for a long time, but he said he’s never seen anything like it.

“I’ve never seen a fish that big before in 65 years of fly fishing on the Miramichi,” said Gilks.

It almost didn’t happen. The fishing duo actually wanted to fish a different pool, but it was already taken. Gilks then drove them to another pool and the rest is angling history.

“In about a half, three-quarters of an hour I got a call from Bob. ‘We have a monster fish on and can’t get it in,'” said Gilks.

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