Fishing Conservation

As an angler you have an important responsibility. It’s much more than obeying fishing laws. Good anglers also respect others and the environment. Your actions will allow many other people to enjoy fishing in the future and preserve our national heritage.

Remember to never litter or leave garbage behind. This includes wrappers, old fishing line, empty cans, and plastic bags. These items can serious harm wildlife.

It’s also important to respect the environment in which you’re fishing. Never destroy the beauty of an area. Do not spray paint or carve names or other words on rocks or trees. Do not drive through streams and riparian areas. Leave wildflowers and other plants growing in the wild. Do not destroy or pick them.

Fish should never be wasted, and never keep more fish than you can use. If you catch a fish that’s too small to eat or one that’s under the legal or minimum size, it should be released quickly and carefully.

How to be an Ethical Angler

  • Respect other anglers’ rights
  • Respect the rights of others who use the resource
  • Respect the rights of property owners
  • Keep only the fish you want and need
  • Never waste fish
  • Release unwanted fish carefully and unharmed
  • Never litter or pollute the waters
  • Know and follow angling and boating regulations
  • Continually seek new knowledge and skills
  • Share your knowledge with others
  • Don’t release live bait or non-native fish into waters
  • Promote the sport of fishing