Going Fishing for the First Time

Many people assume they can’t go fishing because they don’t know how to fish or don’t know much about fishing. Fishing – and fishing for the first time – is something everyone can do and learning to fish is half the fun… and easier than you think!

First things first. Be safe!

Fishing isn’t a dangerous sport, but you should prepare to keep safe and comfortable in the outdoors. A few quick tips:

• Dress appropriately for the weather
• Bring insect repellent
• Have a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) for everyone participating
• Make sure you have a first aid kit handy for scrapes or nicks — fish hooks are sharp!

Things you might need to get started:

• Some sort of fishing tackle or bait, like worms or synthetic tackle
• Fish hooks
• A fishing rod and reel
• Fishing line
• A bobber
• A tackle box to store everything in

The more experienced you become, the more you can experiment with different fishing techniques and tools.

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Fishing Terms and Tackle