Originally published by the Cornwall Standard Freeholder
By Todd Hambleton

The Cornwall SDG Counties Pan American Bass Championship is about to get underway, and it’s an historic international event – the first-ever Pan Am Bass Championship held on Canadian water and land.

Tuesday was arrival day for the teams. There’ll be practice sessions on Wednesday, with the official competition taking place on Thursday and Friday.

The face of the event? It’s a familiar one – Bob Izumi, the TV fishing celebrity and bass fishing legend who has captained Team Canada in previous Pan Am tournaments.

Many of the best anglers in the world are competing at the second competition, at an event sponsored by Cornwall Tourism and SDG Counties in conjunction with the Partnership Fund of Regional Tourism Organization 9, an initiative to build and introduce new tourism products and experiences in eastern Ontario. There are 26 teams, including eight from both Canada and the United States. Mexico is being represented by seven teams, and there are three First Nations teams.

“It’s the perfect place for the tournament because of the fishing,” Izumi said on Tuesday afternoon, shortly after arriving by boat at the launch area in Lamoureux Park, after having lunch in Glen Walter. “There’s world-class smallmouth bass fishing, and great largemouth bass fishing.”

The first Pan-American championship was held in the Lake Okeechobee area in the Florida Everglades in 2017.

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