An infographic featuring a lithographic illustration of a largemouth bass.
A spring and summer favourite for recreational anglers is Largemouth Bass/Ashiganag/Micropterus nigricans!
  • Largemouth Bass have large, sloping mouths, which extend past their eyes. Their lower jaws are also wide, and slightly longer than their upper jaws. Their colouring can vary depending on age, size and the type of water they inhabit.
  • These top predators can be found in warm, shallow lakes and close to dense aquatic vegetation and places to hide, like fallen logs.
  • Weedless spoons, jigs, worms, spinners and other eye-catching lures are great ways to catch largemouth bass.
No matter what species you’re fishing for, ensure you adhere to local catch limits and that you’re following seasonal restrictions. Contact your provincial government to learn more!
Largemouth Bass chromolithograph (1879) by Samuel Kilbourne