Fishing in Quebec: A Fantastic Fishing Destination Accessible to All


Quebec is a real fishing paradise. This fishing territory is the largest province in Canada with an area of 1,540,680 km², or 15.5 % of the country. It contains 500000 lakes and 4500 rivers which await you. Over 12% of our beautiful land is covered with water. It may sound surprising, but if you just look at a map of our province you will see an amazing amount of places just waiting to be discovered. A total of 117 species of fish swim in our multiple water bodies. Of this number, 105 are indigenous and 12 were introduced. When it comes to fishing, we are not lacking in choice or opportunities.

No other activity equals that of fishing. It brings together one million active followers alone, if we count the children and spouses who can cast a line under the license of a single person.

Remember that everyone can practice this affordable sport and that it is not necessary to have a lot of knowledge or experience. Plus, fishing presents a fantastic opportunity for rest and relaxation. There is nothing more satisfying than catching a fish, when they cooperate that is. You can even eat your catches, which is a real treat. You can fish almost anywhere, from the shore or on the water, and bring along your children and friends. Finally, remember that our beautiful province offers a number of opportunities to escape into the rich and bountiful environment which surrounds us.

Happy fishing!

Patrick Campeau was the first French Canadian to be inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame. He has been a full-time professional angler for 29 years, and contributes his expertise to radio broadcasts, magazines and newspapers throughout the country. You can follow him on his Facebook page to find fishing tips, tricks and learn what he’s up to.

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Fishing in Quebec

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