South Vancouver Island Fishing Bans Proposed for This Summer

Originally published by CHEK, December 12, 2018

By: Skye Ryan

[British Columbia] is now proposing summer fishing bans for most streams and rivers on southern Vancouver Island including the Cowichan, as drought conditions persist.

Biologists say that fishing is adding one more strike against fish stocks that are already struggling in warming waters and low stream flows.

“And what we’ve seen is a pattern,” said Brendan Anderson, a fisheries biologist with the Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resources.

“Where in the southern portion of Vancouver Island most systems will undergo some period of stressful condition,” said Anderson.

So instead of responding in emergency closures like in years past, biologists are proposing putting blanket summer closures on angling in South Island rivers and streams to encourage compliance and prevent surprises to the public.

To watch the video and learn more about the proposed fishing bans on Vancouver Island, visit

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