Originally Published by CP24, September 3, 2015

Three Asian Grass Carp have been found in the waters around the Toronto Islands, bringing the total number of the invasive fish found in Toronto this summer to five.

According to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, staff that were monitoring fish species in the vicinity of the Toronto Island Marina on Tuesday evening caught two Asian Grass Carp and a third was then found in the same area on Wednesday.

The TRCA says the carp, which weighed between 20 and 36 pounds each, were sent to a laboratory in Burlington for further inspection.

TCRA and Fisheries and Oceans Canada crews with trap net boats are now patrolling the area to determine whether it is home to any additional Asian Grass Carp.

In July, two Asian Grass Carp were found in a pond in Tommy Thompson Park, however a large response from the TCRA and Fisheries and Oceans Canada failed to turn up any additional Asian Grass Carp.

“While the discovery of this invasive species in Lake Ontario warrants further monitoring and analysis, circumstances leading to its presence are still unclear. At present, not enough is known to draw conclusions about its source or potential ecological impact,” a statement from the TCRA reads.

Though relatively rare in Lake Ontario, Asian Grass Carp have caused problems in the United States by feasting on large swaths of vegetation, pushing out native species and negatively impacting the commercial fishery.

Photo courtesy of Hilary Prince / Fisheries and Oceans Canada.