2015 has almost come to a close, and we’re counting down some of the most interesting and influential stories about recreational fishing in Canada this year.

  1. Asian Carp

Asian carp made headlines this summer after several of these highly invasive fish were found in the Toronto-area. Asian carp should concern anglers because their presence in the Great Lakes could devastate the fishery, gravely affecting sportfishing opportunities. Asian carp are known for their over-eating, therefore they can eat up all of the food available in the lakes, leaving nothing for other fish.

This will be a story to follow in 2016, as the threat of Asian carp is still very real. As an angler, the best thing you can do is keep an eye open for any sightings of Asian carp, and spread awareness about the threat.

If you see an Asian carp you can contact the Invading Species Hotline at 1 888 563 7711, or visit http://www.eddmaps.org/ontario/.

  1. Angler Harassment

In September, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters sent a letter to the City of Toronto in response to several incidences of angler harassment in city parks. Individuals, seemingly from anti-fishing groups, had been harassing anglers, obstructing their fishing, and sometimes misrepresenting whether fishing is allowed at certain locations.

Harassment is a threat to anglers, as it can intimidate people and prevent them from fishing. As an angler it is important to always be aware of your rights, and where you are allowed to fish. Carry a copy of the regulations with you in case any harassment occurs.

  1. Neon Green pike


A lucky angler in Yellowknife, NWT got the catch of a lifetime when he reeled in a northern pike with an unusual neon green colour. Randy Straker caught and released the fish in the Northern Arm of Great Slave Lake on August 23, 2015. The fish was between 38 to 40 inches long and weighed around 12 to 14 pounds.

Scientists offered a simple explanation for the phenomenon: biology. Supposedly, the colour is a result of the fish adapting itself to blend in better with green algae in the water.

(Photo by Craig Thomas)

  1. Heat and drought causes closures

18946841226_61dca89491_z (1)

Unfortunately many anglers in Alberta and British Columbia had their fishing opportunities disrupted this summer after several areas were hit with fishing closures. A summer heat wave meant that water levels were lower and water temperatures were higher than usual, forcing provincial governments to ban fishing in some areas to protect fish populations.

(Photo by cmh2315fl)

  1. 10-year-old angler breaks tuna record… And then breaks it again

koen-norton (1)

10-year-old P.E.I. angler Koen Norton has had quite the year. First, Koen made headlines after landing a 486 lb bluefin tuna while fishing on his dad’s charter boat in August. Then, a few months later he landed a catch that would make any grown angler jealous. Koen reeled in a 847.7 lb tuna, smashing the current bluefin tuna record in the male-smallfry category for ages 10 and under. Congratulations Koen!

(Photo by Greg Norton)

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