Keep Canada Fishing provided every Member of Parliament with a copy of “Elevating Recreational Fishing to a National Priority” and asked for their position on our recommendations.

To date, we have received responses from a handful of representatives. We will be sharing these responses over the coming weeks. We ask that you consider each response carefully when visiting the polls this fall.

Below is a link to a letter from Bob Zimmer, Member of Parliament for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies. We have included a few quotes from Mr. Zimmer.

Re: Elevating Recreational Fishing to a National Priority – A response from Bob Zimmer, MP

“There is no doubt that recreational fishing plays a significant role in our Canadian identity and our national economy which is why I, along with my Conservative colleagues, are committed to working with the angling community to to protect it.”

“…I firmly believe that any decisions made with regards to environmentally sustainable natural resource use and marine protection must be based on scientific data and transparent consultation with all relevant stakeholders.”

“Oftentimes it is the local anglers themselves who volunteer time and effort to support and protect our public waters.”

“The reality is that recreational fishing bans do not have any environmental benefits and have only led to increasing concern and uncertainty about the future of fishing in Canada.”

With regards to foreign funding, I agree that it has no place in the decision-making process of the federal government. Any decisions about our nation’s public waters must be based on science…”

We invite you to review the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association’s document, Elevating Recreational Fishing to a National Priority, for more details about this very important topic.

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