Originally Published by the Campbell River Mirror, October 21, 2016

By  Jasmine MacGregor – Campbell River Mirror

This year Carihi students have the opportunity to learn a sport many people in the Salmon Capital love-fly fishing.

Carihi’s brand new Fly Fishing Club is giving them a chance to not only learn the sport, but develop a passion shared by many.

The club was started in September by Carihi teacher and avid fly fisherman, Nicolas Pisterzi.

He developed the club with the goal of having his students appreciate the sport and its many rewards.

“After catching your first fish, pun intended, you do get quite hooked into it,” Pisterzi said.  “To me it’s like an artform and like therapy. It’s about being connected with nature and that’s what draws me into it and hopefully my students too.”

Skill development is their priority.

The club meets throughout the week to tie flies and learn proper casting techniques, which they are able to apply while out in the river.

The group tries to get at least one afternoon of fishing in a week.

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