Originally published by Calgary Herald, January 11, 2017

By Jim Hoey

Trust me on this: Ice fishing is very enjoyable.

Bringing a big drill to cut a hole in the ice is exhilarating. Watching the rod bend as a bell jingles, alerting all nearby that your lure is being eaten by a fish is thrilling.

For a family, a group of friends or an individual to go out ice fishing together always means fun, enjoyable times together.  Some like to set up ice fishing tents.  In some places in Canada, anglers even build ice fishing shacks and move them out on the water for the season.  They will take their snowmobiles out to the shack with family or friends to enjoy life on the ice.

I have had many memorable moments ice fishing with my own kids. I have also ice fished with a lot of different Canadian kids all over the country for my TV show, The Dimestore Fisherman. It doesn’t ever get old. It is such a privilege to see the smile on a child’s face when they catch their fish.

Many thoughts come to mind when I think about some of our best experiences on the ice. I remember being with my kids at the Airdrie Hunting & Fishing Association’s ice fishing event many years ago.

We pulled up a gave away a lot of goodies for people. Many kids were happy that day and it reconnected me with one of my best friends, Cal Jarvis, who is now also a host on The Dimestore Fishermen. He has since traveled all over the country with me to make the program.

The volunteers made this event special for all of the children. I often say I meet the best people I know when volunteering.

Many kids had the experience that day of catching a trout that hit their fishing line.

Some families were experiencing ice fishing for the first time.  It was super to see people socializing and connecting while watching their kids enjoy the day.

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