The Year That Was: Comments from CSIA/CNSF Members

Dave Neil, Normark Inc.

The first of half of 2020 was an incredibly challenging time for tackle manufactures’ not only in North America but globally.   Pandemic concerns had our entire group unsure on the future of tackle sales through the balance of the year and beyond.   As the weather broke in late April and May it was clear that Canadians were making a clear choice to spend their valued personal time in the outdoors.  As retailers began re-opening their doors early indications showed strength and a positive trend nationwide.  As we progressed into the summer this trend continued to build and from all accounts is still building today.  It’s difficult to be positive during such difficult times, however these conditions have allowed many to re-connect and experience the outdoors in ways they hadn’t done in the past.   We’re currently forecasting strength in consumer demand for fishing and fishing related goods through 2021.